Empowered Events

Events that truly Empower teachers.

Dive deeper, skill up, and meet a community of change-making teachers at a dynamic set of virtual and in-person events.

Our events are built in the image of our classrooms: Inspiring, engaging, and built on a set of important principles. As you work through our events you'll begin to see the importance of building a classroom market, contextualizing it with principles, and focusing on the growth mindset. More importantly, you'll gain skills, strategies, and activities to use in your next class.

January 20, 2022

Level Up with Stash101 for Empowered Educators

Already familiar with Stash101? Take your Empowered + Stash101 classroom to the next level in this interactive style webinar. Learn what other Empowered educators are doing with the Stash101 platform to enhance their students' experiences around money and incentivization.

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February 15, 2022

Empowered Live!

Join the Empowered curriculum team on Tuesday, February 15, from 6-7:15 p.m. CST as they walk through a football-related, new spin on a teacher-favorite activity that bridges classroom-learning with the real-world. You'll learn how to immediately implement it with your students to engage them in new ways alongside educators from across the country.

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Why Come?

Empowered events give you the chance to see our methods and materials brought to life in ways you can use in your next class.

This year, let’s make the resolutions deeper, more profound, more substantive than ever before. Let’s resolve to bring every single learner to the table to contribute with their unique talents and abilities. Let’s resolve to engage students in real-world experiences. Let’s resolve to unlock the growth mindset and the potential of these kids.

Empowered events are the perfect professional development opportunity for you to make those resolutions happen.

Principled Culture

How to build a principled culture in your classroom using Empowered resources.

Student Engagement

How to drive engagement with your students through currency, auctions, and markets.

Growth Mindset

How to develop a growth mindset in your students, and yourself.

What to Expect?

Just like our classrooms aren't typical, Empowered events aren't like other PD events.

Find ideas with instant applicability in class.
Get to know hundreds of like-minded teachers.
Engage in experiential learning as you participate.
Meet and engage with inspirational change makers.
Dive deeper into a method that's transforming education.
Continue to embrace and grow your own growth mindset.
Empowered Events

You won't want to miss our offering of events where you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Earn Prizes
  • Find Friends
  • Learn Skills
  • Workshop Ideas
  • Discover Activities
  • Get Supported
Empowered in Action
Conference Spotlight

Empowered in Action

Empowered in Action takes the ideas that power innovation and repurposes them to power a more meaningful classroom experience. We’ll dive deep into building a principled culture, engaging more meaningfully, and developing a growth mindset.