Conferences and Events

Conferences, events, and meetups to inspire a community.

Our events range from Friday-night meetups to short PD sessions to multi-day immersive summits, with a little something for everyone. As an active community, we are always adding live, virtual, and local events. Stay updated by signing up.

The Basics

Engage directly with a family of teachers like you, dedicated to reimagining the future of education.


Why our events?

Empowered events pour life back into our family of teacher-changemakers. You bust-butt all day, every day, and we’re here to create experiences that recharge, reward, and reimagine professional development.


Who should attend?

Come one, come all. We welcome any teacher with an open mind, a big heart, and is willing to bring their value to the community and get some back in return.


What do you get?

Simply put, you get support. You get a family of changemakers that have your back, professional development that’s deep and engaging, and access to a life-changing methodology.

Built Around You

Empowered community events are built to support teachers in every way.

Instant applicability in class.
The support of a community.
Earn points and credits.
Inspirational thinkers and leaders.
Dive into the methodology.
Focus on your wellness.
Upcoming Events

With a wide range of events, there is something for everyone. Get a glimpse of the events we have coming up.

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  • Professional Development
  • Workshops
  • Showcases
  • Meetups
  • Townhalls
Jan. 8, 2022
Conference Spotlight - Recharge

Jan. 8, 2022

Come join real, innovative teachers as we tackle the important challenges of education today. We'll embark on a mission together, to explore new frontiers in learning.

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