How It Works

Supporting your career to support your classroom.

Empowered is a community of teachers, embracing a growth mindset, committed to their craft, their students, and their communities.

How It Works

Empowered is building a movement of teachers. It comes together in four simple pieces.

A Freeing Methodology

Our simple methodology puts the trust in teachers to build more powerful classrooms.

Flexible Resources

Our growing market of tools and resources is built to enhance and simplify your job.

A Supportive Community

Built by teachers and for teachers, our community is a place you can seek advice, share ideas, and call home.


We’re realigning toward a better and more important purpose for education: building up high-value people.

The Challenge

We are more stressed and have less freedom than anticipated.

Teachers are not empowered or trusted, methods have gotten stale, and students are struggling to stay engaged in the content. Check out the numbers.

61 %

Burnout Rate

Over 60% of high school teachers are actively planning to leave the profession. (CNBC)

50 yrs

Lowest Satisfaction

Teacher job satisfaction has hit its lowest point in half a century, at 31% satisfied. (Public School Review)

43 %

Sleep Deprived

Anxious and stressed, many teachers get less than just six hours of sleep on average. (Ball State)

What Teachers are Saying
The Solution

It’s not too late to make things right. Empowered is building a movement to reimagine the career of teaching.

Put the trust in teachers.

It’s time that as teachers we demand the trust and agency we deserve to be community changemakers.

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Give them tools and resources.

It’s time we get the support and resources we need to create a truly immersive classroom environment.

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Create a community of support.

It’s time we had a home — a support system — to feel safe, to try out ideas, and to share stories.

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Let them reimagine education.

It’s time we, the real leaders in education, led the movement to reimagine it from the bottom up.

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The Method

Experiential Self-Discovery™ transforms your classroom into a real-world experience.

Realize Value

Discover and develop each learner's unique potential by focusing on value before grades and scores.

Improve Relationships

Develop stronger bonds between student and teacher, built on mutual respect, trust, and open dialogue.

Real-World Skills

Real-world context allows the teaching of any subject matter to accompany the development of essential skills.

Create Context

When they aren’t relevant, our lessons fall flat. This methodology gives everything you teach a relevant context.

Improve Wellness

A focus on self-discovery means this methodology is built to help students find their voice, their agency, and their purpose.
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How We’re Different

We’re a community of teachers, dedicated to a better vision of education.

Flipping the old model on its head, we offer unmatched flexibility built on trust and support you in your every more.

Why it Works

This isn’t just a social group or another education fad. This is the realest.

And here’s why:
Tested and refined over 30 years
Built on business best practices.
Models after powerful education psychology.