Getting Deep

Empowering you on a path toward self-discovery.

Empowered is unlike any other group. We are a community of teachers, working together toward self-actualization for ourselves and our students.

Getting Deep
Why Self-Discovery

What on earth does a focus on self-discovery mean for me?

We believe in the unique talents and abilities of every individual. Teachers have been hemmed in by restrictive methods and top-down institutions. We’re here to help you break free and thrive.



We start by offering you freedom and flexibility in the classroom.



We offer tools and support to give you agency in your career.



Welcome to a community of others on the same path.



We focus on each other’s unique and individual value.



It all works to put us all on a path toward self-discovery.

“All of life is education and everybody is a teacher and everybody is forever a pupil.”

Abraham Maslow
Abraham Maslow

American psychologist

Why Self-Discovery
Why It’s Important

Focusing on self-discovery means removing the focus on tests and other standardizations in education.

You’re here because you’re a trailblazer; a teacher who wants to reimagine education. Guess what? You aren’t alone. We’re tired of being reformed from the top-down. Empowered is a community dedicated to creating an education built around realizing the unique talents and value of each student, and that starts with understanding our own value as teachers.