Who We Are

A community of support, built from the bottom-up.

Founded on the idea of supporting and empowering teachers, we have designed a methodology and community that are dedicated to transforming classrooms, careers, and communities.

Who We Are
Overview and Principles

We are a timeless set of principles that apply to the career and classrooms of our teachers.


Take ownership for your own life. No one will ever be as concerned about your success as you.


Always act with courage, respect, and toleration.


Seek and use the best knowledge, drive change that benefits others, and exemplify humility and intellectual honesty.


Respect the rights of others and study the links between freedom, entrepreneurship, and societal well-being.


Find fulfillment in your life by improving the lives of others.


Approach everything in life as a reason to improve; recognize and seize what life has to offer.

Sound Judgment

Use economic thinking to create the greatest benefit while using the least resources.

Win-Win Focus

Cooperation creates real value in society — for yourself and others.

Our Team

Business professionals, advocates, community leaders, and former teachers committed to empowering you.

Tracey Andrist
Tracey Andrist

Chief Administrative Officer

Ashley Ho
Ashley Ho

Vice President, Research & Marketing

Lindsay Schroeder
Lindsay Schroeder

Chief Operating Officer

Kylie Stupka
Kylie Stupka


Lydia Hampton
Lydia Hampton

Director, Curriculum and Training

Mik Love
Mik Love

Director, Partnership Advisor

Matt Silverthorne
Matt Silverthorne

Director, Strategic Expansion

Our Staff

Jeremiah Adair

Solutions Advisor

Sean Amore

Manager, Donor Communications

Cate Baker

Executive Admin & Project Manager

Tyson Blackburn

Manager, Accounting

Bailey Canning

Data Operations Analyst

Tory Chambers

Solutions Advisor

Lelah Ediger

Manager, Analytics

Ashlyn Edmisten

Senior Manager, Impact Measurement

Jason Filie

Success Manager

Tasha Gulick

Operations Specialist

Beth Hale

Director, Data & Analytics

Arthur Hampton

Success Manager

Hope Howell

Executive Admin

Tiffany Jasper-Jones

Curriculum Specialist

Greg Kegley

Director, Success Managers

Lexi Knight

Compliance Specialist

Sandy Marek

Executive Director, Business Development

Priscilla McInnes

Partnerships Advisor

Fanny Ochoa

Solutions Advisor

Tamara Petrin

Curriculum Specialist

Deborah Pierce

Success Manager

Lexie Pello


Martha Stahl

Supervisor, Accounting

Jessica Stice

Grant Writer

Devin Todd

Accounts Payable Clerk

Jennifer Watkins

Director, Marketing

Joseph Woodward

Business Development

Lindsay Zimmerman

Lead, Solutions Advisor